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Merry Fitness Registration


Oxizone Fitness & Spa is starting with Merry Fitness Season 5.
This is 5th consecutive year we are running this contest to motivate people to workout during winters as due to lack of exercise and heavy diet many ailments relating to heart prevail during winters.
This contest will begin on 22nd November till 22nd December.
Contest will run in all 5 branches.
Rules and Regulations-
1) Participants are required to get enrolled by filling My Merry Fitness Wish Form either at the nearest branch or online which is available on facebook, website or on oxizone app ( for android users) .
2) Weighing and measurements will be done on 22nd November, 2nd December, 12th December and finally 22nd December will be final weighing
3) Participants are required to get all 4 weighing and measurement done at their branch.
4) Special fitness Trainers will be provided to participants and Group Fitness classes will be conducted in all branches.
5) Regular Diet counceling sessions will be conducted in all branches
6) Both weight loss % as well as inch loss will be considered.
7) Participants can keep record of their measurements with help of Oxizone App. (contact Front Desk for further information)
8) In case of. Tie between participants , Values recorded in Body Composition will be considered.( body water, fat%, muscle mass and metabolic age)
9) Results will be declared on 25th December.
10)First winner from each branch will be declared in male and female section and  3 fitness titles will be awarded to participants among all branches on basis of their fitness routiene and lifestyle pertaining to health and fitness.
Special fitness team will be visiting all branches to declare 3 final fitness title winners.

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