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Our Aim

To transform your  body and mind by reaching your ultimate goal. Gymnasiums & Health clubs are plenty but rare to find a gym which is has a medical foundation with full time physiotherapist and consistent good quality, expert advice on health & fitness, a hygienic and disciplined environment

Our Vision

We shall do our level best using the safest and best of exercise methods to change your body and personality the way you desire. Being a doctor the founder of OXIZONE FITNESS & SPA had brought revolution in the field of fitness that only gym is not only the place for body building or loosing weight but in today’s time it’s also not a luxury but necessaity as attaining fitness is the first line of treatment prescribed by all doctors to cure diabetes, hypertension, patients with high cholesterol levels and various cardiac problems.

We are proud to treat through expertise exercise and physiotherapy regieme surgically treated cancer patients. We have pride to give special training to senior citizens and members with various medical problems.

Our Mission

We shall motivate you to adopt exercise as a part of your lifestyle making you fit for life.

Know Your Trainer

 Having more than 15 years of experience in the field of sports , We at OXIZONE FITNESS & SPA have hiered experienced and certified trainers. We are proud to introduce our staff.

      • Mr Thakur (53yrs old Mr. India) started his career from taking group and personal training classes. He did 30 episodes as lead fitness trainer for a program on DD sports channel and worked as a fitness trainer at “The Grand” (earlier known as Grand Hyatt). He writes regularly for various fitness columns besides working as a head trainer and HOT YOGA specialist at OXIZONE FITNESS & SPA.
      • Mr Baljinder Singh (National medalist in weight lifting) is in the field of fitness past 10 years. Recently completed his masters in physical training and has taken special coaching in sports medicine
      • Mr Naveen (3 times mr Haryana) specialises in weight loss boot camp classes and training aspirants for muscle building
      • Mr. Ramesh (Mr. North India)
      • Mr. Vishal with 25 years of experience in Reebok style aerobics.

Among other trainers are Mr. Shamsher, Mr. Rahul, Mr. Sharan, Mr. Sunny and Mr. Sonu.


Cautions to be Observed Before Starting an Exercise Routine

Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise routine especially if you are already suffering from a disease. Disclose your medical ailments or recent surgery if any, to the fitness instructor. Do not exercise when you have fever or flu. Exercising in fever or flu will make your condition worse and spread infection to other members. Always listen to the trainer. Learn the right way to do the exercises. This reduces the risk of injury and you get positive results. Do not exercise when injured. Consult a sports injury specialist and strictly follow his instructions. When lifting weights, especially free weights, always make sure you are under the supervision of a supporter. A supporter is a person who helps you out with your lifting and lowering the weights in the correct way and ensures that you exercise safely. Hydration is very important before, during and after the exercise. You lose a lot of water & important body salts in the form of sweat and hence it is very important to replenish them. Keep sipping water every 15 to 20 minutes during the exercise. However, if you plan to workout for more than an hour, you may carry some sports drink as well. Consume 400 to 500 ml of water at least an hour before exercise to allow for excretion before exercise. Consume 450 to 600 ml of water after exercise to replace the lost water weight. Individuals will vary in terms of how much water drinking they are comfortable with. Leave your cell phones at home or keep them in the locker. You should never talk on the phone while working out as it may prove hazardous to yourself besides disturbing your fellows.
Happy Exercising.